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The miracle of life

Life. A word composed by few letters but involving a whole spectrum of sense and interpretations.

At the risk of sounding shallow, I must say I am a person easily amazed by the small wonders in everyday life and who values that kind of things. It might ranges from watching a kiddo laughing, or simply seating under the warm sun to enjoy whatever I feel like at a given time. Name it reading, enjoying the view around or simply, laying there.

I am very fond of nature and I love to take pictures of landscapes and nature stuff. I love when after winter time, the leaves of many trees and plants come to life again or when you simply plant a seed and watch after it and then it starts sprouting. The miracle of life seems to be a great mystery to me and a big subject for my curiosity.

Probably this is where I got my interest in the science of food from. The curiosity for knowing what makes a simple ingredient turn into a totally different thing.

Well, regardless the “wheres” and “whys”, it gave me the opportunity to come up with a good blend of motivations which have led me to my particular view on Cuisine and food related subjects.

I would love to hear about your views too by leaving your comments to this post.!!!


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