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Duesseldorffer Potato Mushrooms

Yes, I agree, the name is a bit confusing.

Is it potatoes filled with mushrooms Dusseldorff style, whatever that style is? Or mushroom shaped potatoes dusseldorff style?.

If your guess was the second option, you hit it.

Why did I chose this recipe?. It is a long story but to take a shortcut, let’s just say Yakety Yak is the beginning of all doomed things.

Unfortunately I haven´t been able to discover german cooking in full yet.

However, in light of my soon to come trip to such lands where I should be able to discover its allure in full, I hope, my friend Marion challenged me to start quenching my thirst for germany cuisine at my own risk :)))

Hence, this is my starter project which I wholeheartidly hope complies with her requests :))) The German cuisine condrum ended with a simple but indeed delicious recipe serving either as main dish or side dish. A very stong flu and overload of work didnt let me free time to inquire much about the origins and delicacies of such culinary region, especially as there are many types of cuisine within one geographical area.

Nevertheless, this is the truth unbidden…..

3 potatoes
bunch of spring onions
1 onion
200 g pork
2 tbsp. white wine
3 tbsp. cream
1 flat tbsp. mustard
100 g cabbage
salt, pepper, spices to taste

Peel potatoes, cut out from the bottom so that they look as if there is a stem sticking out. Take the potatoes cut in halves and scoop out in a special manner so that they look like halved mushrooms. Put them in water and cook until ready. Slice and blanch green onions. Chop onion and pork finely. Put them together into the pre-heated pan and fry. Sprinkle with white wine, add salt, pepper, spices, cream, mustard, and cabbage. Lay the “potato mushrooms” out on a plate, fill with green onions and add the fried stuff. Serve Duesseldorfer Potato Mushrooms with fresh parsley.

As a side note, I imagine it could be a nice try for next time to use some hollandaise sauce or melted cheese in this recipe…. Yummmyyyyy


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