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Courgette Rissotto

I am copying this recipe from after trying it and finding it stunning.
The texture and flavors melt mildly on your palate and the touch of parmessan… well, that is the perfect finishing for this recipe.
I added a bit of ground nutmeg to the recipe and then more parmessan on top
Ingredients (for 2)
2 courgettes, skins taken off and roughly chopped, flesh finely chopped (I only roughly chopped it, and I think it would have been better done fine)
Handful of pinenuts, toasted
Herbs, chopped (some combination of parsley, oregano, marjoram, basil, mint probably)
Lemon juice to taste (probably about 1/3 of a lemon’s worth)
Pesto (optional, it was quite nice but fine without)
Onion, risotto rice, parmesan, stock, wine, butter, oil, salt, pepper
Soften onions in olive oil, add risotto rice and toast for a minute or so. Pour in some wine or dry vermouth and boil until dry. Put in the finely chopped courgette flesh, some stock and half the herbs. Cook as a normal risotto.
Meanwhile, saute the courgette skins in butter on a high heat so they soften a bit (but not mushy) and brown. Add the lemon juice and herbs to this. Toast the pinenuts.
When the risotto is ready, stir in the pinenuts, parmesan, butter, salt and pepper and test for seasoning. Finally, lightly fold in the skins, herbs and lemon mixture.
Serve with the pesto on the side.


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