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The Joy of Cooking

Many times I receive emails from fans of this blog who want to congratulate me for the blog, ask cooking questions to me, or simply say hi. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their inmense support. It is very flattering for me to receive such mails and it fills my spirit with energy and encouragement.

I would like to point that out, because lately it has been very hard to find the time for blogging and replying to everybody. But I do read all of them and I do appreciate you being there.

Having said that, I’d better get now back to the idea of the post, before I end talking about something else.

Since the blog has been running, I have started receiving comments and questions from people who like my recipes and the articles posted here. Ever since, the amount of questions has been growing, but there is one recurrent topic always. That is, people wanting to know how one gets to lose fear of cooking and how to come up with your own recipes.

I must tell you that, there is no absolute truth about how to be a great cook. Each dish is a way of presenting a set of ingredients with a specific purpose. Such purpose can be expressing art of food through the beauty and colors of its ingredients, stressing out a specific product or texture, or simply feed a family, just to mention a few. The way each cook selects and treats ingredients is completely related to cultural issues, traditions, the final purpose of the dish to be prepared, and his/her own style.

In general, I always tell my friends the same. Develop your passion and find your style.

1) First step to start cooking is leaving your fears aside.

If you have the chance, books are good for helping. You can also get help/knowledge from serious internet cooking sites or blogs, or TV.

2) Keep in mind that the base for a good result lies in good ingredients.

3) Do not use too much or too many spices for starters. Start little by little until you get used to them. There is always plenty of time to add more if needed, whereas if you use too much of them, it is difficult to fix. In addition you need to know that the same spice can be stronger depending if it is used fresh or dried. Longer cooking also tends to concentrate flavors as liquids start reducing. Same happens when you freeze food, flavors also tend to concentrate over time.

4) Practice makes master

5) Be yourself. Let your energy flow through you.

6) Use your talent to create something. We all have our talent, some, just havent found it yet.

7) Creativity comes from instincts. Trust your instincts.

9) Study the ingredient, observe it, analyze it, and respect it.

10) Learn how ingredients work, so you can always adapt recipes to your personal taste or pantry. Read your recipe thoroughly before starting. This way you are sure you have what you need and you will know better how to follow the directions in it.

11) Be passionate about what you do. This is what will turn all your hardwork into a unique masterpiece.It will be the source of your inspiration and the engine to pop out all the creativity that lies inside of you.

12) and most important : Have Fun in The Process!


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