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Leek Cream Sauce for Pasta

This is an easy to make, quick, and delicious cream to be used with pasta or chicken.
To make the sauce you will need:
2 big leeks, washed and clean, roots off.
2 tbspns butter
1/4 glass white wine or vegetable broth.
1 meat or vegetable broth cube (preferably unsalted), also a tspn of meat concentrate paste will work.
500 cc cream
Additional milk if needed.
dash of fresh oregano (dry will work too)
2 full tablespoons of cream cheese (preferably tasty cream cheese, not natural but natural will work anyways).
Start by cutting off the roots and most of the green leaves of the leek, leaving only the white part and a small light green part from the leaves to enhance flavor. (about 2 cm of light green part).
Make a cut in the middle of the leek, alongside and wash it thoroughly under running water, open it a bit with your fingers so that no dirt is left in between leek’s layers.
Rinse it and chop the leek in julienne, as thinly as possible.
Preheat a saucepan and when hot, lower the flame and add butter. Sautee the leek in butter on low flame, watching the butter and leek do not burn.
Add a bit of salt on the leek so that it sweats but does not caramelize.
Spread some white wine or veg broth to deglaze.
Once evaporated, add the cream, broth cube o meat concentrate, cream cheese, and let cook for 5 to 10 mins. 
Add salt, oregano,  and sprinkle fresh ground pepper just at the end of the cooking time. If the sauce is too thick you can add a bit of milk to lighten it.
Pour over the pasta and serve. You may sprinkle some freshly chopped cilantro or ciboulette to enhance flavor and presentation.
Renders: 6 portions

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