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To bowl or not to bowl…

Auttum came suddenly and along came cold winds and low temperatures.And your body starts demanding for some soul comforting food right away.

I have to confess I used to hate soup when I was a kid. I dont think it was because I didnt like it but more because I was forced to have it too often. I guess many of you may feel the same way.

However, nowadays I really do love soup in all its forms and variations. I pretty much enjoy a simple vegetable soup as much as I do enjoy a rich textured, creamy oyster or crab soup for instance. I kind of dislike a bit however those soups that are too oily or fatty.
What I am really kind of “obsesive” about is that I need to drink my soup, whatever kind it is, from a china bowl and not from a dish.
My kids tell me it does not change the flavor of the dish in any way, nor alter any of its properties, but well, it is a matter of tastes, you know?. I know everything is the same but I just prefer a bowl and the elder I get, the more fussy I get about certain things, such as this. Can’t help it, lol 🙂

Perhaps if I publish a poll here popping up the question, how do you prefer to have your soup?, I might get surprised to see how many “fussy” people are hanging out there with same manias I seem to have.

Well that’s all for now, I hope I can bring you some really comforting soups recipes from my recipe collection in a near future. (probably nearer than you think)

So, au revoir for now. “See ya later alligator”, goodbye… etc…..
(Sorry I woke up with my clown inside today)

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