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Squid rings on vinagrette

Today’s post is a simple recipe which is quick and easy, it is wonderful as snack for an evening with friends, and lasts for several weeks in the fridge.

The picture is for whole squids with vinagrette but this post is about making this with skinless squid rings. You can make them either way you want.

Please note that this vinagrette recipe is not a must, and you can switch or add ingredients to taste. You just must keep a proportion of oil and vinegar which is 3 parts of oil per one or one and half part of vinegar for propper conservation of the product. You can also cut the vinagrette ingredients (peppers, onion, etc) in big pieces or use a processor and make all ingredients very small so everybody will eat them and no one will dislike some gross onion piece or a big piece of pepper. You can as well, serve this with home made spiced muffins (mufifns with herbs , or with tomatoe or pepper, with spices, cheese, bacon, etc), or home made flavored rolls.

Well so lets go to the recipe now.

for 1 lb of clean squid rings I used about:

1 red bell pepper (sweet kind of peppers)

1 green bell pepper

2 big cloves garlic

1 large onion (red onion tastes better)

1 challot if you have



3 cups olive oil

1 cup vinegar (white, or apple vinegar) (I used tarragon flavored vinegar because i had some and I thought it would give a good touch to it and it did in fact, but normally white ordinary vinegar is used.)

1/3 cup balsamic vinegar (optional)

a good bunch of parsley or cilantro

You can also add some basil, or fresh ciboulette if you like.

Bleach the rings or whole tubes in hot water for about 3 minutes. They should be tender but not overcooked or they will turn gummy. Also remember that you have to prepare this at least 2 days ahead so that all vinagrette penetrates into the meat and adds nice flavor to the squid.

Also by doing this the vinegar, after some time will start softening the squid a little bit too because of the action of the acids contained in the vinegar. So just bleach the squid a few mins in hot water so that it keeps a nice texture once stored with the vinagrette.

You can add spices to the bleaching water to enhance a little bit the squid’s flavor.

Once you have finished bleaching, strain the squid and rinse them in cold water.


Prepare the vinagrette by chopping all the vegetables and seasoning with salt and pepper. Mix them with the olive oil and vinegar, stir in well.

Drain away the water and mix the squid with the vinagrette. Store in an airtight container in the fridge and wait at least 24 hours for enjoying them.

P.S. You can also add chopped hard boiled egg to the vinagrette.

Bon apetit.

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