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My recipe for Bacon, Leek and garlic pasta

This is a quick and tasty meal option which can be served in many ways by just changing one or two ingredients. It is a very simple recipe with handy ingredients.
Preparation time is very quick, it took me about 20 mins to prepare this meal which is a good point when you need to solve dinner quickly.

Here is what I used for the recipe
Serves: 4

500 gr dry spaghetti
1 big leek (white part)
100 grs bacon
Olive oil
freshly ground pepper
dash oregano
1 clove garlic
1 big heirloom tomatoe, diced
1/2 glass white wine
chicken broth (necessary amount, about 200 ml)
parmigiano cheese

First, turn your flame on and put water in a big pan for boiling the pasta.
Prepare the sauce while the water boils and the pasta cooks.
Start by dicing the bacon and sautee it on a saucepan on low flame. Meantime cut the leek in thin julienne (straps) (as thin as you can) and add it to the saucepan once the bacon is crispy.
Season with a bit of salt and let them sweat a bit (they will get tender but not golden). They should be tender but crispy at the same time.
Add garlic and watch it so it does not burn.
Add wine and let alcohol evaporate.
Add half of the diced tomatoe. Stir in and incorporate the rest of the ingredients. The amount of broth to be added should be enough to keep the pasta without sticking once the pasta is finished, but no broth excess.

Strain your pasta which should be very al dente, and sautee it for one or two mins with the sauce you just made.

Serve inmediately sprinkling it with a bit more of freshly ground pepper, olive oil and the remaining tomatoe dices, fresh.
This will give a wonderful texture combination as well as freshness.

Serving suggestions: Substitute tomatoe by some canned or fresh mushrooms and a good bunch of chopped ciboulette.
You can add sauteed shrimps or include grilled veggies like zuchinni, eggplant, etc.

bon appettit

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