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Maple Syrup caramelized Pears spiced with Cardamom

I had a can of maple syrup which I had been given by some canadian friends.
I had never tried this before. There are no products like this available in my country.
I kept it in my pantry for a couple of months before deciding what to do with it. I was always thinking I would look for some recipe on the net before using it, which I never did in the end.

Anyway I decided to give a try yesterday and I came up with this simple but very tasty recipe. By the way, I love maple syrup now. I am willing to try what’s left of it in some other recipes.

Well the ingredients for this recipe are:

1 pear per person. (helen pears are best, you need firm pears) 1 red plum (firm) per person maple syrup (about 1 cup) 1/3 cup orange juice Cardamom Butter (about 80 grs).

Peel pears, cut them alongside and sautee them on butter until lightly golden on both sides. Add syrup and orange juice and let cook for some minutes. Right before finishing add plums cut in quarters with skins on. Just mix them in, do not let plums cook.
Sprinkle with cardamom and stir in.
Serve warm.

This dessert has a contrast of textures and flavors between pears and plums. The pears will be softened and sweet and plums will have a harder flesh and a certain acidity.



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