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Mustard Sauce (For fish, chicken and pork)

3 egg yolks (you can freeze the whites for later use in other preparations- Check here or here for instructions and info)

1 tspn honey
125 ml white wine
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
1 stick butter (80 to 100 grs, as necessary)
In a medium pan over low flame mix yolks and wine and stir constantly until the desired consistency is reached.
Add mustard salt and pepper at the end. Mix in cold butter pieces in order to obtain a soft and silky texture. Keep hot until serving.
I’ve used this sauce with grilled fish fillets and used regular mustard instead of dijon’s and added 1 tbspn of milk and 1 tspn of brown sugar because it was what I had in my pantry.
I had some remaining sauce on the next day which I mixed with two tablespoons of salmon flavored cream cheese (herb flavored cheese would work fine too) and poured it over some ravioli.
You can use this sauce as base and add more spices/herbs of your taste to it or may be cream . It is very versatile.
I am sure that if you use this sauce to cook some pork ribs in it and you make some apple puree as side dish you will have a great easy but classy meal to serve to your friends

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