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One of the things that impresses me more when browsing the web everyday on culinary stuff, is that it has become an open source tool for discovering thousands of ingredients and new flavor combinations that one has never thought of, as well as getting to know other cultures by their food and eating habits. Like many say, “tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Only a few days ago I was searching the web for inspiring recipes, as I usually do and you know what the web is like, one page leads to another and then to another and so on, so I finally landed on FoodNetwork’ site. They have a page there where they show the meaning of food to ordinary people. I found there a bunch of many interesting videos of people telling what the power of food means to them.
Probably for those of you who have access to this channel may have already seen them, but where I live (south america) I haven’t.

Moral of the story is that “The power of food” is in fact a very interesting and descriptive title for the effect of ordinary things that we find everyday in our life without struggling much, and which in fact mean so much to us.

So what does the power of food mean to me?. Well, first I believe that not everything in life is reduced to eating, but undoubtely a table filled with nice food is a good excuse to reunite people (family, friends or colleagues) to either have a good time together or clean up differences. Food brings people together and promotes dialogue. For instance, just think what is the first thing you say to a friend you havent seen in a long time or when you want to close a business deal? You probably say: “Why don’t we get together sometime for a cup of coffee?”.

Sometimes the importance of a certain food or plate is not just the simplicity or complexity of its ingredients or the way it was cooked, but more by the stories associated to it. So the power of food also means that to me.
The power of food uterly awakens our senses and unleashes a bunch of memories and nice feelings and shows us how much a simple element can inspire in us.

Sometimes we need to get back to basics and enjoy the simple things that lie in front of us everyday. Small things can make our lives bigger, something that we often forget about.

If you would like to enjoy these stories as much as I did, you can click on these links below:

A lemony story: An amazing story by Molly from Orangette blog which everyone will love to hear. To watch the video, go to Food Network’s The Power of Food and then on your right click on Lemon Cake. (By the way, here is her recipe for this lovely yoghurt lemon cake)
Other great stories to watch: Click here and then click on the right on the item you would like to see.


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